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The ApolloMD Mission
“To provide access to the best possible physician services for all patients in need by giving each patient our best.”

About ApolloMD: Physician Services that Meet Today’s Challenges

ApolloMD is a privately held, multispecialty physician practice headquartered in Atlanta, GA that is focused on rewarding physicians with quality of life, top income and ownership incentives that further their career goals while satisfying the emergency medicine, anesthesia, radiology, and hospital medicine needs of hospitals and healthcare facilities nationwide. This focus, which we have maintained since our inception nearly thirty years ago, has allowed us to become one of the most successful and fastest growing groups in the country.

As a physician-owned and operated practice driven by the best interests of our doctors, we offer a different kind of partnership than traditional physician groups. We do not believe in non-competes and restrictive clauses. Our physicians work with us because they want to—not out of obligation. Together, we nourish a commitment to continuously improving efficiency, quality and patient satisfaction.

ApolloMD delivers solutions to the many challenges confronting the healthcare industry through four main elements:

100% Value-Based Compensation Structure

ApolloMD physicians are paid according to their individual performance through metrics tied to quality, patient satisfaction, and throughput. When physicians are highly motivated to provide top quality patient care, the Advanced Practice Clinicians and other staff members embrace this new “culture of performance,” which leads to improvements in efficiency and patient satisfaction.  The ApolloMD compensation model is unique in that it can be customized to match the goals and challenges of each partner facility and align the physicians’ incentives accordingly.  In addition to the throughput-based component, patient satisfaction and clinical quality indicators can also be incorporated into the structure in order to ensure that ApolloMD physicians are focusing on the improvements that matter most to their hospitals.

Physician-Owned and Privately Held

ApolloMD believes that an executive team of clinical providers is essential to maintaining a focus on patient care.  Our group is run by physicians who truly understand the care process.  As a privately held group, we are able to operate with lower overhead than many publicly traded or private equity owned groups.  Our structure allows a long-term focus on success rather than an emphasis on bottom line in the short term.

Size and Stability

ApolloMD has the size and stability necessary to effectively satisfy contracts across the country, which allows us to provide our physicians with a variety of opportunities. We feel that we truly offer the best of both worlds—the resources and experience of a national group paired with the accessibility and personalized attention of a local group.

Leadership Academy

ApolloMD Medical Directors receive training through the ApolloMD Leadership Academy, a two-year program that provides physician leaders with the clinical and service excellence tools to deploy at their local practice. Many of our medical directors are our managing partners and have a vested interest in the success of their practice.

These four elements align the incentives of our physicians with those of the hospital as a whole to help us to effectively meet the unique needs of our high-volume facility clients and aid us in our quest to be the primary option for America’s healthcare clinical outsourcing needs into the 21st Century.


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