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Chief Medical Officer, Behavioral Health

Chief Medical Officer, Behavioral Health

Job Description:

This Chief Medical Officer, Behavioral Health has the overall responsibility for providing leadership, direction, and administration of medical management, as well as the integration, coordination and improvement of Behavioral Health at ApolloMD client facilities. This position is an essential leadership role responsible for guiding the development and implementation of medical policies, practices, and clinical programs.

Essential Job Duties:

  • Leading and directing Behavioral Health medical staff of ApolloMD, with responsibility for the administration and coordination of hospital psychiatric and medical services at each facility.
  • Medical supervision of a telebehavioral health program as well as consulting with client facilities as required
  • Assist the CEO with development of clinical strategic planning including adoption of new clinical technologies, advocating with regulators around needs for contract changes to allow for clinical innovation, and seeking out and developing new clinical lines of business that align with the strategic vision of ApolloMD.
  • Providing key clinical leadership in developing clinical analytics in the area of Behavioral Health in partnership with the IT and Analytics Departments.
  • Leading interdisciplinary meetings with medical and support staff to assure quality patient care.
  • Reviewing the activities of the medical staffs at each location in accordance with ethical standards and the overall policies of ApolloMD.
  • Broadly monitor contractual compliance with each location and strategize ways to improve clinical performance on key performance indicators across the service line.
  • Provides oversight of the management of incidents and high risk cases to ensure these are evaluated for severity, trends, use of coercive interventions, as well as indicators for health and safety risks, abuse, neglect or rights violations. Develop and implement strategies to reduce risk related to adverse events identified from data trends.
  • Ensures clinical practice guidelines reflect evidence based and consensus based practices and are focused on achieving outcomes of self-determination, independence and recovery across all Behavioral Health locations.
  • Providing direction and consultation on clinical matters to nursing and other services and coordinating clinical services with social and rehabilitative programs of each location.
  • Providing expert medical feedback to all major areas of the Behavioral Health service line (network management, claims, credentialing, marketing/sales, legal, etc.).
  • Coordinating recruitment of new staff, with the recruiting team and VPOs, to fill vacancies within the Behavioral Health team at ApolloMD.  Providing timely feedback on candidates to the recruiters and VPOs will be an integral part of this position.
  • Mentoring and supervising the psychiatric services leadership and staff in quality of care and career development.
  • Reviewing and resolving disputes related to quality of care.
  • Coordinating and participating in the development of each Behavioral Health medical director at the ApolloMD Annual Medical Director meeting.
  • Coordinating and participating in the development of each new Behavioral Health physician at the ApolloMD New Physician Orientation.
  • Working with other members of ApolloMD administration to achieve cost-effective services across the Behavioral Health services line.

Required Skills and Qualifications:

Medical Doctorate required with appropriate Board Certification in Psychiatry. Completion of an accredited residency program in Psychiatry. Successful candidate will have a minimum of 5 years of progressive leadership and clinical experience and have demonstrated commitment to excellence in practice, continuous improvement, and innovation. Prior experience in the role of a Medical Director or CMO for a large multi-specialty group practice, physician practice management organization, hospital/hospital system, or an MCO (preferably with a physician group practice component) is preferred. Experience with hospital organized medical staff, managed care organizations, and continuous quality improvement activities preferred. Experience working with physicians to strategize and develop measurable improvements the quality of clinical care and patient satisfaction. Experience implementing and maintaining a patient-centered, healing culture. Proven record of accomplishment of collaborating with medical staff to achieve desired facility-specific and organizational outcomes. Knowledge of modern national trends in hospital technology, quality and patient safety.

This position is based in Atlanta, GA.

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