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Last year, we saved our hospitals over $10 million while treating over 3.9 million patients.

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ApolloMD approaches hospital anesthesia services with the goal of improving efficiency in three major areas— on-time starts, turnover times and OR utilization.

On-Time Starts

On-time starts are affected by a multitude of factors. In order to eliminate surgical delays, a thorough pre-op process is necessary along with appropriate scheduling, including the time needed to prepare the patient for surgery the morning of the procedure. At ApolloMD, our anesthesia services professionals aggressively monitor the pre-op process to ensure that all patients are seen by a physician prior to their procedure. All inpatients are seen at least 24 hours before the procedure. We employ The Right Start Program, which ensures timely arrival of our anesthesia personnel. We also streamline our communication process to minimize any confusion regarding daily assignments. Therefore, our anesthesia services providers are aware of the details of their cases for the day and can appropriately plan the needed preparation time.

Additionally, ApolloMD’s pay for performance model serves as a catalyst in creating a culture of performance in the OR. Under our model, physicians are rewarded based on the patients they see and the procedures they perform, thereby optimizing physician performance. This change in culture permeates throughout the department and improves all surgical processes, including increasing percentage of on-time starts and turnover times.

Turnover Times

The turnover process is integral to the efficiency of the OR and can lead to increases in available OR time, which produces increases in volume. We have found success in this area by instituting and leading a Process Improvement Team. On a weekly basis, ApolloMD’s Anesthesia Services Team Leader and the OR managers and/or schedulers meet to review the upcoming week’s schedule. Their goal is to ensure the department is operating at peak performance and to enact changes to further promote efficiency.

Improved OR Utilization and Hospital Financials

Efficient OR utilization of anesthesia services is the key to making room for growth by increasing case volumes. Through ApolloMD’s pay for performance model, anesthesiologists’ income increases directly as the case volumes increase. In each of our partner facilities, ApolloMD designates a leader to collaborate on a daily basis with the OR manager. Together, the two work to maximize the schedule and improve utilization on an hourly basis. Each individual in our group is motivated to cultivate a true partnership with the hospital in the processes to improve efficiency. We adjust our staffing dynamically throughout the day to allow changes that improve OR utilization. As a result of appropriate staffing, increased provider performance, and minimization of after-hours staffing costs, our partner hospitals experience significant financial improvements.

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