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ApolloMD Announces Beta Release of “Feedback Express” Module to Enable Real-time ER Patient Feedback via SMS Text

September 13, 2012 – Atlanta-based clinical outsourcing group ApolloMD announced the release of ER Express version 4.0, which adds the ability for ER patients to send their feedback via SMS text messaging.  ER Express started last year by giving patients with non-life-threatening illnesses and injuries a simple, user-friendly web-based tool for reserving a time slot in the ER.  Then, in spring 2012, the platform added a library of web-based aftercare instructions, called “Aftercare Express.”  Now, as part of version 4.0 of the platform, the “Feedback Express” module enables patients to share feedback on their experience in real-time via SMS text, and hospital personnel can monitor and respond to the feedback immediately.

“Feedback Express” serves as a complement to existing patient feedback programs, and does not replace or substitute for gathering a representative patient sample that gauges patient satisfaction.  Instead, it is an early-warning system that is more likely to quickly identify disenchanted patients and allow hospital personnel to address matters before they escalate.

Dr. Boykin Robinson, M.D., emergency department medical director at WellStar Cobb Hospital and ApolloMD Region 1 President, comments: “We have a major opportunity to positively impact the patients’ experience while they are still here.  Feedback Express gives us important information in real-time—that is the game changer.  If we know in real-time that something isn’t going well, we can fix it right then.  This kind of system is more like the “Andon board” that other industries, such as auto manufacturing, have used very successfully to spot and fix production issues.  Additionally, some patients are reluctant to speak up—the beauty of SMS texting is that it makes it easy for the patient.”

Learn more at www.erexpress.com

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