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ApolloMD Providers Go Above and Beyond to Serve Patients in Icy, Gridlocked Southeast

snowFebruary 3, 2014 – While snow and icy weather left thousands stranded and wreaked havoc across greater Atlanta, ApolloMD physicians and extenders went above and beyond the call of duty to care for the citizens of their communities.

This rare snowstorm paralyzed Atlanta with gridlock, but that didn’t stop physicians who worked countless hours to cover shifts for those who were trapped.

In Austell, Dr. Mrunalee Mehta stayed over 36 hours at WellStar Cobb Hospital and volunteered to work whatever was needed. Brian Horton, a nurse practitioner at WellStar Cobb Hospital, worked more than 36 hours as well and helped manage provider logistics. Horton even drove out to Target to buy essentials for a group of trapped nurses. Dr. Larry Segal worked a 24 hour shift at WellStar Douglas Hospital.

Other ApolloMD physicians were determined to make it to their hospitals regardless of what circumstances stood in their way.

Dr. Mike Lipscomb completed an 11 hour commute home, arriving at 3 am, and made it back to the hospital just three short hours later at 6 am.  With highways closed due to treacherous conditions, Dr. David Saltin braved back roads on his route to North Fulton Hospital.  When his car became stuck about 12 miles from the hospital, he began walking with his backpack of clothes. He was picked up after walking about six miles by one of the nurse’s husbands who had four-wheel drive.

Not only were healthcare professionals providing excellent patient care during this crisis, they were also looking out for one another.  Peter Hariston, PA volunteered to drive all over Cobb County to pick up APP’s and nurses to make sure they were able to get to the hospital to tend to all of the patients.

“We could not be more proud to recognize each one of these outstanding individuals and the incredible commitment each has portrayed to providing exceptional patient care,” said ApolloMD CEO Dr. Michael Dolister. “We are so thankful to have such a wonderful team of providers in the ApolloMD family.”


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