ApolloMD Announces Implementation of ER Express to Improve Patient Experiences in the Emergency Room

October 31, 2011 – Atlanta-based clinical outsourcing group ApolloMD announced the beta release of ER Express, a new platform that allows patients with non-life/disability-threatening illnesses to reserve appointment times for visits to the emergency room.  ER Express gives patients with non-life-threatening illnesses and injuries a simple, user-friendly web-based tool for reserving a time slot in the ER.  Once a reservation is confirmed, the patient waits in the comfort of his or her home, and then arrives at the ER for treatment at the selected appointment time.

ER Express does not charge patients for this service, which will soon be offered in hospitals across the country.  While the emergency room reservation concept is relatively new, use of this technology has increased dramatically in the last year.  With increasing ER wait times a growing issue in the United States, many hospitals are now posting their wait times and offering convenience-oriented services to improve customer service.

“Given that the national average wait time is four hours, the response from hospitals and patients have exceeded our expectations,” states Mike Dolister, M.D., ApolloMD’s Chief Medical Officer.  “ER Express directly addresses the most common complaint we hear from patients: the wait.  We’ve designed a tool that gives hospitals a very useful way to tell their patient community that we hear you, and we are doing something about it.”

Boykin Robinson, M.D., a southeast regional president for ApolloMD comments, ”ER Express improves patient satisfaction by reducing the hassle associated with going the ER.  Offering appointments also helps to smooth out the daily volume curve which in turn creates in a better experience for the patients and the care providers.”

Learn more at www.erexpress.com

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