ApolloMD Executives Sit Down with Tanya Valle at the Ernst & Young 2009 Strategic Growth Forum

January 19, 2010 – After being named regional Entrepreneurs of the Year by Ernst & Young in 2009, ApolloMD CEO Dr. Chris Krubert and President Chris Durham attended the Ernst & Young Strategic Growth Forum in Palm Springs, California.  At the forum, entrepreneurs and leaders of growing companies from around the nation gathered to share innovations and strategies for not only making ends meet, but growing companies, during tough economic times.

While in Palm Springs, Krubert and Durham were asked to sit down with Ernst & Young’s Tanya Valle to discuss ApolloMD’s business model, plans for growth in 2010, and strategies for satisfying the ever-changing demands of a challenging healthcare marketplace. Krubert and Durham emphasize that ApolloMD’s success is due to the organization’s focus on an efficiency-based business model.  In a healthcare marketplace where cost has suddenly become not only relevant, but crucial, ApolloMD offers a high quality service with relatively low cost, due to the group’s economies of scale and lean operations.

Watch the full interview from Ernst & Young

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