ApolloMD Implements Digital Pen and Paper in Client Emergency Departments

February 9, 2009 – ApolloMD is excited to announce the implementation of Anoto Forms Solution digital pen and paper technology within the emergency department of Baptist Pensacola Hospital, winner of the 2003 Malcolm Baldrige Award.

Constantly seeking ways to increase efficiency in our partner EDs, ApolloMD had searched for an accurate, efficient alternative to traditional paper and EMR charting systems, both of which can be detrimental to physician productivity. We found just that with Anoto Forms Solution’s digital pen. With Anoto’s technology, handwritten text and drawings are digitally captured, transferred and processed – all through the pen and paper chart process that physicians are accustomed to. As a physician fills out a chart, the data are captured and immediately available in the computer system. In addition to near 100% accuracy, the time savings are monumental, as the information no longer needs to be manually entered in the computer. Anoto technology allows ApolloMD physicians to quickly and cost effectively document cases, protecting patient information while refining the chart flow process.

“The key to the success of ApolloMD is our commitment to clinical quality and patient satisfaction,” said Daniel Bassett, ApolloMD CTO. “Anoto has allowed us to add digital pen and paper technology, resulting in much higher efficiency and throughput levels for our physicians compared to a traditional Electronic Medical Records system. With the renewed focus on reducing health care cost, the Anoto pen solution provides a cost effective way to digitize medical records while maintaining physician efficiency.”

Anoto’s digital pen is one of the many value-added services ApolloMD provides to our partner hospitals. We are excited about the improvements in efficiency it can bring to the ED and are currently in the process of implementing it at several of our other client facilities.

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