ApolloMD Partner Stanly Regional Medical Center Honored by HealthGrades for Third Consecutive Year

March 12 , 2012 – ApolloMD is excited to announce that partner facility Stanly Regional Medical Center in Albemarle, North Carolina has received the coveted HealthGrades Emergency Medicine Excellence Award for the third consecutive year. The recipients represent the top 5% of the nation’s nearly 5,000 short-term, acute-care hospitals.

In order to identify top performers, HealthGrades evaluated mortality data for Medicare patients admitted through the emergency department with twelve diagnoses including heart attack, pneumonia, and sepsis, among others. The award recipients had the lowest risk-adjusted mortality rates across the top diagnoses in the study, with death rates more than 40% lower than the national average. According to HealthGrades’ findings, an additional 170,856 could have potentially survived their emergency hospitalizations if all hospitals performed at the high level of Stanly Regional Medical Center and other Emergency Medicine Excellence Award recipients.

ApolloMD began providing emergency physician services at Stanly Regional Medical Center in July of 2008, and treats just under 35,000 patients each year in the emergency department. Since partnering with Stanly, ApolloMD has implemented numerous patient safety and quality assurance programs in order to ensure that patients receive the best care possible.

In addition to the Emergency Medicine Excellence Award, Stanly Regional has also received the HealthGrades Critical Care Excellence Award in both 2011 and 2012. ApolloMD is proud to continue to partner with Stanly to provide top quality patient care to the citizens of Albemarle and surrounding communities.

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