ApolloMD Recognizes Medical Directors and Physicians at Annual Directors Conference

Award1August 2, 2013 – ApolloMD announced the winners at the ApolloMD/AthenaMD Annual Directors Conference on July 30, 2013. This awards program recognizes and praises the hard work and dedication from the medical directors and doctors throughout each ApolloMD region.

“Our physicians work extremely hard, and we are excited to have a chance to recognize and celebrate their success,” said Mike Dolister, MD, CEO of ApolloMD.

ApolloMD recognized the diligence and commitment that comes with being a leader and named two physicians 2013 Medical Directors of the Year:

  • James Nichols, MD, of St. Francis Hospital in Memphis, TN
  • Saeed Tarokh, MD, of Wyoming Valley Healthcare System in Wilkes-Barre, PA

In addition, one doctor from every region was presented with the ApolloMD Above & Beyond Award. These physicians were nominated by the medical directors and regional teams at their facilities for truly going above and beyond the call of duty.

Patrick Zelley, MD, Medical Director at Dallas Regional Hospital ED said, “If it were possible to clone him [Jobee Alvarade, MD] times ten, I would be the luckiest director around. This guy is a machine!”

ApolloMD medical directors and doctors came from all across the country to the Atlanta headquarters to discuss the rapidly changing healthcare industry and to strategize and align the goals of all ApolloMD facilities.

“He [Jeffrey Schulze, MD] is a brilliant clinician, always pulling out some crazy knowledge that only a true lover of medicine would and could do,” said Sharon Amaya, MD, Medical Director at Wellstar Paulding ED.

2013 Above & Beyond Award Recipients:

  • Region 1, Janie Warren, MD
  • Region 2, Jobee Alvarade, MD
  • Region 3, Jennifer Rhue, MD
  • Region 3/AthenaMD, Brent Rody, MD
  • Region 4, Richard Watson, MD
  • Region 5, Jeffrey Schulze, MD
  • Region 6, Jigar Patel, MD
  • Region 6, AthenaMD, Dyrk Halstead, MD