ApolloMD Teams Up with Telehealth Company MYidealDOCTOR

ApolloMD Teams Up with Telehealth Company MYidealDOCTOR

Atlanta, GA: ApolloMD is pleased to announce that it has formalized a partnership with MYidealDOCTOR, a Georgia-based telehealth company that provides care for patients 24/7 in the comfort of their own home or workplace.

The future of healthcare includes enhancing and expanding the delivery of clinical and health-related services through telecommunications and information technology. By joining forces with MYidealDOCTOR, ApolloMD now has access to a cloud-based platform that allows patients with non-emergent healthcare needs to virtually consult a board certified, licensed physician from their phone, tablet, or computer.

“The ApolloMD – MYidealDOCTOR partnership furthers our commitment to providing comprehensive care while continuing to be a pioneer in healthcare technology,” said ApolloMD CEO Michael Dolister, MD. “The ability to offer a telehealth solution will allow for increased access to patient care, market expansion, and new revenue opportunities for our hospital partners.”

Adrian Davis, CEO and Founder of MYidealDOCTOR said, “We are excited to partner with ApolloMD to offer virtual clinics to their health system partners. Virtual clinics will allow health systems to bring in new sources of revenue, redirect non-emergent care, provide real-time healthcare to their communities and offer a solution that patients want and that is accessible 24/7 by phone or video. Virtual clinics break down the barriers to access and reduce costs throughout the system.”

About ApolloMD: ApolloMD is a fully-integrated and aligned national group practice that partners with over 100 leading healthcare institutions nationwide to provide multi-specialty physician services, including Emergency Medicine, Hospital Medicine, Anesthesia and Radiology. Emphasizing quality, efficiency, communication and patient satisfaction, ApolloMD’s collaborative approach includes a performance and value-based compensation structure, physician ownership, and the CareHub Technology Suite in order to improve access to care, communication and patient engagement in a coordinated and cost-effective manner. This focus, which ApolloMD has maintained since its inception nearly thirty years ago, has allowed it to become one of the most successful and fastest-growing groups in the country. Please visit apollomd.com for more information.

About MYidealDOCTOR: MYidealDOCTOR Telehealth is a venture-backed mHealth company reinventing the way healthcare is delivered. By blending technology and the best physicians in the healthcare world, MYidealDOCTOR offers a better way to consult and diagnose the issues many face daily. Telehealth will become one of the first access points to healthcare in the future and MYidealDOCTOR is ready. Please visit myidealdoctor.com to learn more.

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