How We Go Beyond the Expected

Healthy Clinicians. Healthy Patients. Healthy Communities.

Our first priority is clinical excellence, but the opportunity always exists to go beyond and improve the entire hospital ecosystem. Physician health, operational efficiency, financial stewardship, staff alignment, and patient experience are just a few of the ways we take you beyond the expected. For over 35 years we have kept true to this ethos in our partnerships with hospitals and health care systems on a daily basis, while staying focused on the end goal of creating a healthy community. Our formula for getting there involves a focus on healthy physicians and healthy patients, and we know one cannot operate without the other.

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Going Beyond is Getting Results!


By having a flexible schedule it takes the stress out of figuring out our personal life with our work life and helps us have a good balance. ApolloMD wants us to be a healthy person first and then that leads into being a healthy clinician. Then you can go to work and shine as an MD.

Greg and Sharon Amaya
Emergency Medicine Physicians
12 years with ApolloMD

I think sometimes patients are really afraid to say they are having chest pain or tell us what’s going on because they do fear the worst. Every single shift that I show up to work, I have the opportunity to be the calm in someone’s storm.

Kristen Karellas, PA-C
Lead Advanced Practice Clinician
8 years with ApolloMD



I live in the city, so I care what happens. In an effort to improve patient care, I thought we should extend what we do as ER docs out to the field, to the home, to the expressways, to the streets so that they can start what we do in the emergency department but at the scene.

Mark Waterman, MD
Emergency Medicine Medical Doctor
8 years with ApolloMD