7 Simple Tips to Improve Patient Satisfaction Scores

7 Simple Tips to Improve Patient Satisfaction
Current healthcare trends are heavily reliant on improving patient satisfaction and experience. Making changes might seem like an easy task, but many times simple solutions to improve patient satisfaction scores are overlooked. We’ve put together a list of the top seven tips from our ApolloMD leaders to help industry partners think “outside the box.”

Tip #1: Emphasize the Importance of Patient Engagement with Your Clinical Teams

It’s impossible to walk into a patient room and not speak, however, communication is much more than talking to a patient. Set the expectation to engage your patients from the moment they walk into the hospital. Greet them and let them know approximate wait times, if possible. Make certain they know where restrooms and vending are located.

Tip #2: Introductions of the Team

First things first, every member of your team should introduce themselves upon entering the exam room. This basic task makes the patient feel more comfortable with the individuals taking care of them. Make sure to write names of the team on the exam room whiteboard as a reminder, too.

Tip #3: Set Expectations

Patients aren’t in the hospital every day, so understanding the timing of lab work and scans/X-rays isn’t on their radar. Make sure you walk through the tests you are ordering and the time it will take to complete them and receive results. If there are back-ups, explain that. Patients really just want to know what’s happening, so be as honest as possible. Honesty will go a long way.

Tip #4: Let There Be Entertainment

In a world full of gadgets, utilizing patient tablets for access to information and entertainment are becoming the norm. They help pass the time and take the mind off of whatever is ailing the patient and family. Utilize this technology to spread healthy messages by loading informational health videos and apps. Include games and news features, too.

Tip #5: Wait at Home or in the ED?

ER Express, a sister company of ApolloMD, offers patients the capability to make an Emergency Room reservation from the comfort of their own home. By checking in through ER Express, patients are immediately made aware of wait times and can hold a place in line by picking a time slot through the website. This is beneficial for the clinical teams because they know what to expect when the patient arrives.

Tip #6: Be Honest with Your Challenges

Where do your challenges fall when it comes to patient satisfaction? Perhaps your team does a great job with pain management, but not communication. Maybe they are a model when it comes to cleanliness, but are noisy and disruptive. Wherever the issue lies, confront it head on and develop a strategy to remedy it.

Tip #7: Take the Team to the Next Level

Consider taking your team to the next level by completing a Patient Experience Immersion Program. At ApolloMD, we offer our partners a 10-week challenge where our team of experts help guide clinical teams with step-by-step instruction on how to improve your patient experience. Used across the country, this program is not a one-size-fits-all and can be tailored to your hospital’s needs.