This letter was sent to our team internally on Wednesday, June 3, 2020. 

On May 25th, George Floyd, a black male, was killed by a white police officer in Minneapolis. As a Company, we stand in solidarity against this killing. We are heartbroken – not just for George Floyd, but for the many that came before him, and those who, due to systematic injustices, have never had an equal opportunity in our country.

We see similar health disparities in our EDs and hospitals for our minority and vulnerable populations: more diabetes, more hypertension, higher mortality. As clinicians and team members, we have always been honored to be part of a trusted family of first responders including paramedics, police, fire departments, EMTs, nurses, and our health systems. As Americans, we must continually search for ways to counteract the imbalances in our communities by improving care for all populations and by examining our own biases in an effort to provide culturally focused care.

In the past, some of us have failed as we have remained silent on issues of injustice that do not affect our immediate communities, our families, or those who look like us. Some of us have thought “we need to do something” but have not moved to act. We can, and simply must do better.

ApolloMD prides itself on being a company of diverse individuals who are dedicated to serving all. As a company we also define ourselves through Distinguishing Characteristics, including being Change Managers, taking Ownership and thriving on Responsiveness. During this time of undeniable injustice, we must look to those same distinguishing characteristics to guide us as we commit to principles and actions of change and equality.

We commit to being Change Managers.

  • Reach out, collaborate, and engage with our hospital partners to support safer, inclusive environments.
  • Listen and learn from each other and speak with our family, partners, friends, and neighbors, regardless of race, ethnicity and beliefs.

We commit to taking Ownership.

  • Find the strength to speak up on issues of inequality. When we see someone in harm’s way or sense something may be wrong, take action. We will be an active participant in our communities and stand for equality, fairness and due process.
  • Speak up against all forms of racism, no matter how minor they may seem.
  • Reflect upon our individual circumstances to realize the hardships others may face and take action to close societal gaps.

We commit to Responsiveness.

  • Immediately bring greater diversity to our Employee Engagement Committee.
  • Create a safe internal space for dialogue as a company, at monthly (or more frequent) companywide meetings.
  • Work to recruit greater diversity across the ranks of our clinicians, leaders and support staff
  • Contact our legislators and exercise our right to vote at all levels: locally, regionally, nationally.
  • Encourage team members to get involved with their community leadership to sit on task forces and public commissions who directly impact policies and procedures of local governments.
  • Offer our EAP (Employee Assistance Program) to all team members around grief or any concerns around discrimination.

As colleagues, we are in this struggle together, our voice is strong, and we pledge to take the necessary steps to improve our company, the ApolloMD family, our local communities, and the communities we serve. These are our first steps – together. It won’t be easy and we may not always get it right, but we will walk forward – together.

ApolloMD Leadership