The 2022 ApolloMD Leadership Conference focuses on the theme of “High Performance Leadership.” This 3-day event is held in Atlanta from September 14th through 16th and hosts ApolloMD employees and leaders from across the country. This year, the agenda for the conference includes for the first time a full day of complementary CME sessions arranged for and sponsored by ApolloMD.

Educate & Inspire

Spearheaded by Dr. Tariq Noohani, Emergency Medicine Administrative Fellowship Program Director for ApolloMD at Wellstar Kennestone Regional Medical Center, this new initiative is designed to educate while inspiring an enhanced care experience for both patient and provider. The last few years put forth immeasurable challenges and now a spirit of resilience fuels both creativity and productivity for our ApolloMD teams. Taking a definitive action to provide clinical education resources supports that resilience, accelerating momentum toward a strong future that cultivates clinical leadership.

Dr. Noohani reflects, “Last year [at the 2021 Leadership Conference] we talked about resilience. COVID-19 was a significant factor affecting everything from health care to the business side of emergency medicine. I felt like we needed to move forward, so I wanted to change things up a little bit.”

Dr. Noohani shared his perspective with Amy Katnik, ApolloMD Chief Operating Officer, who encouraged him to brainstorm ideas for incorporating new programming into the 2022 Leadership Conference.

A Positive Response 

Noting the overwhelmingly positive response to ApolloMD clinical education initiatives, Dr. Noohani explored possibilities to build on that enthusiasm.

“Also at last year’s conference, the SIM portion offered for APC leadership was a massive success,” he recalls. “Every single person there raved about it … physicians walking by would drop in and say, ‘Wow, this looks really cool!’ Obviously, people are interested in a teaching component if we can offer that.”

There are four residency programs within ApolloMD giving Dr. Noohani unique access to the academic talent and experienced speakers within the ApolloMD network.

“We have a massive wealth of resources for adding a CME component and a didactic component. We have so many good providers,” he emphasizes. “I want to highlight some of the other aspects of ApolloMD, including the fact that we have a very strong emergency medicine education component.”

“Having four good residency programs is a really big deal and this is a way to actually highlight them to the medical directors from all [ApolloMD-partner] facilities. In addition to managing emergency medicine and hospital medicine contract services, we also support emergency medicine education and training to help develop future leaders and providers for our practices. All of the speakers that were selected are leaders within their own residency programs.”

High-Yield Topics 

When narrowing down which didactic sessions to schedule for this event, Dr. Noohani considered the most high-yield topics in emergency medicine, as well as the talent pool of speakers who are experts in their respective fields.

“I chose the speakers knowing their talents, but I also match it with hot topics in emergency medicine that I think are relevant,” he explains. “We want to keep people engaged. The topics and speakers we chose are all about up-to-date practices in emergency medicine and how certain paradigms are changing.”

Bringing it all together with an action plan to make it happen has gone very well, and Dr. Noohani hopes the successful reception of this year’s program will lead to additional opportunities for this type of educational format.

“This establishes a framework for how to do this in the future. We’re going to expand on it not just for next year’s Leadership Conference, but I foresee additional CME opportunities in the future.” He anticipates robust attendance and will welcome feedback from the participants.


For this inaugural day of CME sessions, ApolloMD is pleased to offer the following presentations:

Emergency Ultrasound 101: 10 Things You Need to Know for Your Community ED Gig

This Isn’t a STEMI — Reframing Acute Coronary Syndrome

Management of Opioid Use Disorder in the Acute Care Setting

Hot Topics in Hemostasis

  • Nilesh Patel, DO, FACOEP, FAAEM
  • Department of Emergency Medicine Chairman, St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center
  • Assistant Professor, New York Medical College

Approach to the Dizzy Patient