A Patient’s Perspective

It’s late and your pediatrician’s office is closed, but you have a child running a high fever, is lethargic and needs to see a doctor immediately. You head to your local hospital and clumsily carry your sick, 40-pound, bundle of joy into the Emergency Department. You register and the nurse tells you to have a seat, someone will call you back shortly.

You turn and face it – the dreaded emergency waiting room.

It feels as if there are a million-people crammed into one tiny space, all facing different ailments. As you scan the room, you find a spot next to the family who look like they are waiting for an X-ray of a potentially broken arm. As you settle in, you think to yourself, “at least a broken bone isn’t contagious.”

Aside from the worries of catching a random illness, you think about the well-being of your child and exactly how long you will have to wait in this uncomfortable space.

Did you know that you could limit your time in the actual ER waiting room? You could spend that time resting in the comfort of your own home until closer to your place in line.

Skip the Waiting Room

ER Express is a unique engagement platform that allows patients to see the current wait time at the nearest emergency department and make an appointment for the next available time slot online.

Enduring the ER waiting room can potentially become a thing of the past. ER Express check-in allows patients with non-life-threatening illness the option of setting up an available reservation time. Once the online reservation form is completed, patients can wait in the comfort of their home until their designated ER Express time.

This service not only allows a patient the option of waiting in a more comfortable location, it also allows the hospital to know who is coming and how to prepare. Staff is more alert and can care for the needs of the patient almost immediately, improving LOS and LWBS, and not to mention, patient satisfaction.

What Patients are Saying

The following are Facebook testimonials from actual patients who have utilized ER Express:

“Y’all were fantastic with my baby boy after he fell and cut his head open at school. The doctor and nurses that worked with him were wonderful and the express check in made it very easy and nice especially having to bring a 2-year-old back to the ER. We received messages verifying our check in time as well as that it had been acknowledged. What an awesome service you offer! Thank you so much!!!”

“ER Express is a wonderful solution when you need medical treatment without waiting hours in a waiting room. Used it for this first time this morning. Arrived at 11:00 am for my 11:15 online ER Express appointment. By 11:20 am I was in the treatment room!”

“After turning my ankle enough to be in immediate pain and being a Saturday, I knew I needed urgent care. One care location had a 4hr wait! I used ER Express with the urgent care location at WellStar Marietta-Kennestone. I was seen right at 2pm. Then the doctor arrived within 10 mins. I had x-rays done and was out and on my way by 3pm. Great option and even better that they’re in-network for me with BlueCross BlueShield.”

“ER Express is an excellent aid when suddenly you feel bad and you fail a prompt appointment with your primary care physician, you know that your life is not in danger but need care quickly. Ask for my appointment at noon in WellStar Kennestone Urgent Care I have not had to wait hours to be seen.”

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About ER Express

ER Express provides web, mobile and tablet-based solutions to healthcare providers for their patients before and during their visit.

  • Check-in Express platform is used by hospital EDs, Urgent Care Centers and other walk-in healthcare facilities to allow patients to check-in for their visit online, reserve a spot in line and get in an exam room sooner. Patients can wait in the comfort of their own home.
  • ER Passport system is used by the ED to allow referring physician offices to streamline the referral process through electronic notification when they are sending one of their patients to the ED.
  • Bedside Tablets are available to patients in the ED exam room, proving a number of helpful services to improve the patient experience, including real-tie feedback, education, games and more.

Learn more about ER Express and how their services can make your ER more efficient by visiting erexpress.com.