Consero Patient Experience Forum

For customer executives in healthcare, the stakes have never been higher. Modern patients expect more from providers than ever before. Companies that ignore those expectations do so at the risk of potentially existential peril, while those that succeed may gain patients for life.

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2022 North Carolina Hospital Association Summer Meeting

As healthcare changes, so do NCHA members’ needs for education. NCHA offers two general membership meetings each year, featuring national experts on health care issues, policy updates from NCHA staff, and networking opportunities for our members. Hospital and health system trustees are encouraged to attend general membership meetings.

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American Hospital Association Leadership Summit

The Leadership Summit features senior health care executives, clinicians and experts in the field presenting high level, transformational strategies and innovative approaches for delivering greater value and health equity through operational excellence, creative partnerships, and redefined delivery models. Special attention will be paid to the strategies and practices that enable health care leaders to remain resilient and respond successfully in periods of sustained crisis.

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