Physician Hosptial Alignment

As the healthcare marketplace grows increasingly complex, it is more important than ever to ensure alignment between hospitals and their emergency medicine physicians and provider groups. Hospitals need and expect streamlined delivery of top quality, cost-effective patient care, in concert with the achievement of metric and throughput goals.

Emphasizing quality, efficiency, communication and patient experience, ApolloMD works collaboratively with partner facilities to implement aligned service excellence across the board.

Performance-Based Compensation Structure

There has been a shift from the original hourly models, first to productivity-based and now to more comprehensive performance-based models. ApolloMD incorporates a volume and efficiency-based component, along with objective measures of quality including patient satisfaction and quality metric adherence, allowing for a model that aligns physician incentives with efficient, quality and compassionate care.

Data-Driven Metrics

ApolloMD understands the value of data and possesses the resources and infrastructure necessary to ensure that quality, cost, efficiency and satisfaction metrics are all monitored and aligned with the goals of the hospital.  With customized reports for each hospital client and individual dashboards for each clinical provider, we track and share data to pinpoint opportunities for improvement. Through utilization of national evidence-based medicine protocols and order sets, the quality of care is increased across ApolloMD locations.

Examples of metrics include:

  • Turnaround times
  • Core measures compliance
  • PQRS compliance
  • Service excellence scores
  • Readmission rates
  • Utilization rates

Exceptional Physician Leadership

Exceptional leadership is one of the most crucial components to a successful emergency department. The ApolloMD Leadership Academy equips our physician leaders with the knowledge of clinical and operational best practices to most effectively serve our hospitals, physicians and patients. The Academy is a collaborative effort that incorporates benchmarking, metrics and practical real-world expertise to improve emergency department and hospital-wide performance. On the organizational side, ApolloMD is one of the few groups with a national scope in which all physician leaders still practice clinically, directly benefiting both our client hospitals and physician partners.

To learn more about how ApolloMD optimizes provider and emergency department performance through physician – hospital alignment, please reach out to Arthur Steedman at 770.874.6814, or