Emergency Department

Emergency Department

August 31, 2023

Change in any health care profession can be a challenge. The hurdles are particularly steep when a hospital or medical center chooses a new medical services provider to manage the emergency department.

ApolloMD brings to the transition process a 40-year legacy of specializing in emergency care and a talented team of experts focused on core goals:

July 12, 2023

Based on an eloquent essay, an extraordinary commitment to emergency medicine, and experience gained at one of Brooklyn’s busiest emergency departments, Bilal Shaukat, DO, is the winner of ApolloMD’s 6th Annual Emergency Medicine Residency Scholarship.

April 20, 2023

ApolloMD has created the position of Patient Experience (PX) Coordinator in select partner hospital EDs to turn those stressful, difficult ED patient experiences into tolerable, manageable. and even pleasant encounters. The PX Coordinator serves as a liaison between the health care professionals who provide emergency care and the often anxious, injured, or stressed patients in the treatment and waiting rooms

April 12, 2023

In hospitals everywhere, one medical specialty has been particularly impacted by the long tail of the COVID-19 pandemic: the Emergency Department (ED). Although ambulances are no longer lining up to deliver streams of severely ill patients with COVID-19 to the ED, medical professionals who work inside the ED — and patients who visit the ED for care — continue to feel the brunt.

March 28, 2023

For treatments ranging from a simple suture to a complicated surgical abdomen, every patient wants to receive care from a competent, confident, self-assured health care professional. Those key factors – competence, confidence, and self-assurance – lie at the heart of ApolloMD’s award-winning Advanced Practice Clinician (APC) Advancement Program.

March 15, 2023

Applications are now being accepted for ApolloMD’s 2023 Emergency Medicine Scholarship for Residents.

Now in its sixth year, the scholarship supports medical residents who are pursuing a career in emergency medicine. It reflects ApolloMD’s commitment to support resident physicians who are eager to pursue their passion for emergency medicine and high-quality, patient-centered healthcare.

February 17, 2023

Our robust ApolloMD growth calls for the extension of clinical leadership roles to champion our dynamic teams. To answer that call, we introduce a team of Regional Vice Presidents that are clinical leaders managing a roster of facilities while supporting company operations in other areas. These leaders will work closely with the Regional and Divisional Presidents, and the operations support assigned to the geographic region.


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