A Team Approach to Patient Satisfaction in the ED

What factors play an important role when it comes to patient satisfaction in the emergency department?

  • Less waiting time to be seen
  • Minimal redundancy in processes
  • Quick answers to questions
  • More quality time with the physician or APC
  • Friendly team members who make them feel important
  • Clean patient areas
  • Clear communication and at-home care instructions

The list could go on and on. Healthcare providers are easily entrenched with so many components of efficient patient care that often times the “basics of the patient experience” are forgotten. The best doctor or nurse can give a patient the wrong impression by merely doing the tasks at hand and moving on to the next patient. Now more than ever is the time to refocus on the customer service aspect of quality healthcare delivery.

The Emergency Department is essentially the front door to any hospital. Its’ primary responsibility is to provide quality patient care in an efficient and effective manner, all while paying special attention to how services are delivered. The steps taken to accomplish the task of quality care are all the “experience” and mold the opinions being shared in patient satisfaction surveys. These surveys are critical to having the finger on the pulse of public opinion and should be integrated into operational changes. Knowing where you stand with your community and being thoughtful in your approach to correct inconsistencies is essential.

We Care Challenge

ED administrative teams are constantly looking for improvements in patient satisfaction, but often times have a difficult time narrowing down the reasons that trigger low patient sat scores. ApolloMD offers its partner hospitals the opportunity to participate in a 10-week We Care Challenge that breaks down important patient experience components into weekly focus areas. Some of the information may seem to be common knowledge, but often times the pieces are overlooked in the heat of the moment. From using white boards more effectively, to simply asking patients if they have any questions throughout the visit, the We Care Challenge can help pinpoint areas that can improve patient satisfaction scores.

The first step is a needs assessment. Do you know what areas need improvement? The ApolloMD team will assist in narrowing down your focus areas and will be with you each step of the way. From meeting with your team, to providing communication tools and resources, the ApolloMD will help facilitate your gradual patient satisfaction success.

A Customizable Solution

Many successful We Care Challenge “graduates” implement a number of best practices that stand the test of time. Others need refresher courses every now-and-then to polish specific areas and make room for improvements.  The best thing about ApolloMD’s We Care Challenge? Participants take the challenge, make it their own and use it as often as needed for their facility. This program isn’t a one-size-fits-all and can be tailored to the specific needs of a facility.  In addition, the program can be as broad or narrow as necessary with all levels of providers and administrators included in the challenge. The team aspect makes this initiative a success.

Whether you are looking for a patient experience program for an entire facility or one service within the ED, the We Care Challenge is a tool that can help you build upon customer service and satisfaction.