Traveling Physician

There are many benefits to practicing as a traveling physician. Aside from being able to experience different practice settings and see beautiful places, members of ApolloMD’s Strike Team enjoy a variety of job “perks” that keep them practicing on the road.

1. Flexibility

Across the country, employees including physicians, are trending toward a desire to have scheduling flexibility and adequate work/life balance. Being a member of a traveling physician group gives clinicians an advantage – by submitting their work availability and being matched with travel needs.

“The flexibility the Strike Team offers was a big draw,” explained Andrew Wyman, M.D. and Strike Team member. “Being young without children, except an adorable rescue puppy, having the ability to make my schedule and block periods of time for travel was really important.”

2. See the Country

And you only thought pilots and flight attendants traveled the world! As a traveling physician, give yourself the option to practice in diverse locations across the country. Be paid to travel. Our locations include large cities, beaches, mountains and everywhere in between.

3. Expand Your Clinical Skills

Practicing in different facilities will give you exposure to different patient populations, documentation systems, administrative environments and subspecialty support arrangements.

“There is no question that being on the Strike Team has made me a better physician,” continued Dr. Wyman. “Walking into an ED you’ve never been in, trying to understand the flow, all while being friendly and appeasing to nursing and administration, is no easy task. It forces you to be more efficient, adapt to new situations and really be confident in your skills.”

4. Top Compensation

The ApolloMD Strike Team offers outstanding hourly rates plus travel costs including airfare, meals, gas/rental, lodging, parking/tolls, etc. Our competitive compensation plan rewards physicians who are productive and who offer flexibility with their availability.

5. Operational Support

Typically, practicing in multiple facilities would involve a great deal of paperwork and other administrative preparation. Our operations team provides an in-house licensing department to assist with obtaining new licenses. As an added incentive, license expenses are covered for providers who work a minimum of five shifts per month. By providing an operations team who supports your practice, facilitating the credentialing and licensing process, our clinicians can focus on treating patients.

“It’s a great position, as long as you have the right attitude,” said Dr. Wyman. “Always remember that you’re there to help and you are representing a much bigger team than just yourself. I think that’s what really sets our team apart from external locums. Also, never forget that you have a great support team who is always there to help and problem solve schedule/travel/site issues. Call on them when needed!”