The Problem

WellStar Health System was experiencing inefficiencies in the turnover process causing delayed OR times and little increases in volume.

The Solution

ApolloMD implemented and lead a Process Improvement (PI) team for each service line. The PI team leads, anesthesia team lead and OR managers and schedulers met weekly to review the schedule for the next week and make any changes in the interest of efficiency. For example, a typical change might include rearranging the order of the arthroscopy patients to limit the need to rearrange the equipment in the room for surgeries on opposite limbs. A pay-for-performance model was also implemented.

The Result

As a marker of our success, turnover times are now between 18 and 23 minutes. OR utilization was the key to making room for growth through increasing case volumes. Through our pay for performance model, our physicians’ incomes increase directly as the case volumes increase. ApolloMD dedicates a leader to join with the OR manager on a daily basis to maximize the schedule and improve utilization on an hourly basis.