Finding EXTRAordinary in the Ordinary

Hospital Partner

Atrium Health Providence is a freestanding emergency department in Charlotte, NC with 10 ED bays and an annual volume of more than 15,000 visits.

Patient Outcome

Under Dr. Sean Murray’s care, the patient was placed on blood thinners and admitted to the hospital for further tests. Two heart catheterizations identified a blood clot and two blockages (90% and 99%).

Extraordinary Care

Considering the patient’s age and previous test results, the option to send the patient home for the holidays with further follow up with a cardiologist may have been considered. Dr. Murray’s thorough review of the patient’s symptoms, knowledge of the complexities of heart issues and decision to admit her for monitoring and further testing resulted in an accurate diagnosis and a life-saving intervention.

“I feel very fortunate that my training and our group place an emphasis on listening to the patient to determine the correct course of action. Sometimes the otherwise healthy 21-year-old woman is sick, and she’ll tell you if you listen.”
–Sean Murray, MD

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