Partner: JFK Memorial Hospital—Indio, Calif. (Tenet)

Focus: Patient Flow & Throughput

Date: Pre-ApolloMD (2014) vs. ApolloMD (2015)

Results: Volume and Patient Satisfaction Increase while LWBS, Arrival to Doc and Admit LOS Decrease

The Problem

JFK Memorial Hospital, located in Indio, CA, was looking to increase volume and patient satisfaction while decreasing LWBS, Arrival to Doc and Admitted LOS.

The Solution

In January 2015, ApolloMD performed a seamless transition of the JFK Memorial combined emergency medicine, hospital medicine and anesthesia service programs. All providers in the emergency medicine and anesthesia departments were retained. The hospital medicine program was started by ApolloMD and quickly was fully-staffed and operating effectively.

The Result

In 2015, the emergency department treated and excess of 43,000 patient and achieved stellar improvements in all throughput metrics.

  • Patients Per Day: Increased 2.56%
  • LWBS Rate: Decreased 21.5%
  • Door to Doc: Decreased 59.4%
  • Admitted LOS: Decreased 6.7%
  • Patient Satisfaction: Increased 9.5%