Emergency Department Services

Last year, we saved our hospitals over $10 million while treating over 3.9 million patients.

Emergency Department Flow Assessment

Emergency Department Flow Assessment

ApolloMD’s Emergency Department Flow Assessment will help you assess your efficiency and show where you could be capturing more revenue for your facility. How do we know? We utilize our experiences drawn from over 3 million annual patient encounters to dramatically improve emergency department flow¬†with no additional resources from the hospital. We do this by implementing a 100% performance-based business model that inherently streamlines operations, maximizes resources and reduces costs.

ApolloMD’s unique physician compensation model aligns the incentives of our providers with the goals and top priority metrics of our partner hospitals. ¬†With an ever-growing focus on providing the best quality care as efficiently as possible, while also improving patient satisfaction, many hospitals are challenged to optimize emergency department flow as well as flow throughout the hospital as a whole.

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