ApolloMD Virtual Leadership Conference

As with many things this year, the COVID-19 pandemic requires a new venue for the annual ApolloMD Leadership Conference. Traditionally hosted as an in-person two-day retreat, our teams will join us virtually for this year’s conference. More than 200 clinical and corporate leaders from across the organization will gather online to enjoy the same great content, guest speakers and networking opportunities.

Last year, we focused on how our individual teams and organization could successfully Challenge Boundaries and excel beyond industry-wide standards and common limitations to provide top-quality patient care in every practice. This year during this two-day virtual meeting, our leadership teams will tackle the latest on COVID-19, regulatory updates, resilience, endurance and energy in chaotic times, the future of virtual care and more.

Our virtual regional breakout sessions allow for each of our teams to take a deeper dive into topics most relevant to their areas, clinical practice, specialty and on-the-ground teams. Each year we take a moment to celebrate our accomplishments and recognize a special group of medical directors, lead advanced practice clinicians and one practice coordinator who has gone above and beyond to make great strides for his or her teams, hospital and the organization.

Thank you to guest speakers, Nicholas Beamon with OneTeam Leadership, Bobby Park with RelyMD, Jason Newton with Curi, and Ed Gaines with Zotec Partners, for joining us!


Start Date: September 03


End Date: September 04


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