[WEBINAR] Key State Health Legislative Issues Facing Leaders and Potential Responses

Numerous public policy and legislative issues around healthcare delivery and public health affect healthcare organizations and demand the involvement of their leaders to respond and adjust organizational policies and procedures. These issues often relate to improving population health, access and coverage through Medicaid and other programs, improving value, addressing consumer issues and workforce shortages, and more.

Learning these issues and being involved in policy and organizational responses is important for healthcare leaders, regardless of how directly they may be involved.

Panelists Will Discuss:

  • Population health, state and community health status, and indicators
  • Medicaid—funding, expansion, waivers, managed care, reimbursement
  • Access and coverage—Medicaid for All, uninsured
  • Mental health/substance abuse
  • Value-based care/reducing clinical variation
  • Medical billing initiatives
  • Workforce shortages
  • Other federal/state legislative issues and initiatives


December 17 - December 17
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Georgia Association of Healthcare Executives

Attending from ApolloMD


Brett Cannon, MD, MBA, FACEP

Email : bcannon@apollomd.com

Phone Number : 770-874-5400