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How Does Sepsis Attack the Body?

Sepsis occurs when bacteria from an existing infection cause a systemic inflammatory response in the body. The body’s immune system reacts in an attempt to fight the disease, which creates a host of additional problems. The infection itself can cause damage to the body, such as histones in the blood which have been shown to cause heart damage and injury to the cardiovascular system. Two of the main causes of death from sepsis are multiple organ failure and hypotention, a significant continued decrease in blood pressure. Blood clots resulting from sepsis may contribute to multi-organ failure and tissue death. Sepsis can begin in any body location from a number of possible bacteria. Any infected part of the body, from skin to kidneys to teeth, can spread into the bloodstream without proper medical care. Individuals who have a compromised immune systeam, such as those with kidney disease, cancer, or HIV have elevated risk of developing sepsis when they have a simple infection.

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