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What are Sepsis Symptoms?

Sepsis is a condition where an infection enters your blood and causes your body to have an overwhelming response to it. The infection is able to quickly travel all over your body and your immune system works over time to try to control it.

Sepsis has four main symptoms. The four main symptoms are:

  1. High fever (or abnormally low temperature)
  2. Rapid rate of breathing,
  3. Increased heart rate,
  4. Elevated WBC (white blood cell count)

Two of these four symptoms plus a source of infection meets the definition of sepsis. The symptoms of severe sepsis are more extreme and include extreme weakness, problems breathing, unconsciousness, chills, decreased urination, and organ failure. When left untreated, the body can enter septic shock, which couples all the above symptoms with dangerously low blood pressure.

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