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Rewarding Practice Opportunities for Anesthesiologists

Since the creation of our Anesthesia Division in 2007, top anesthesiologists have discovered careers with the flexibility, support and the compensation they always imagined. With an emphasis on quality of life and the resources to support physicians’ growth—both as clinicians and as leaders—ApolloMD offers rewarding practice opportunities for anesthesiologists in top-quality hospitals, surgery centers and ambulatory care centers. Our goal is to deliver quality anesthesia services while improving efficiency, core measures of quality, and increasing satisfaction scores among both patients and surgeons.

ApolloMD understands that great doctors are the lifeblood of our business.  When it comes to recruiting top anesthesiologists for job openings, our philosophy is simple. Our anesthesiologists enjoy physician-friendly contracts with no non-competes or restrictive clauses while practicing among the best and brightest in the nation.

Additionally, each of our anesthesiologist job openings boasts:

Work-Life Balance

When seeking anesthesia jobs, know that you do not have to be a slave to set hours. With the ApolloMD model, you have control and choice over your work schedule. Our model enforces equity—whether you work two days each month or nineteen—putting lifestyle, potential income and career choices in your hands

Top Income

Our physician compensation model is 100% performance-based without regard to seniority or patients’ ability to pay. As a group physician, you share in ApolloMD receipts based on your individual unit production. A compensation structure based upon efficiency motivates hard work, performance and a sense of accomplishment while fostering group satisfaction and identity.

Preferred Physician Partnership Program

Each physician has the opportunity to become an owner of ApolloMD through the Preferred Physician Partnership Program.  With no ambiguity regarding who is eligible for partnership and a guaranteed return on investment, the program offers increased potential return on investment over time.  In addition to the financial benefits, our physicians enjoy working alongside other dedicated partners.

National-level Resources, Local Autonomy

ApolloMD offers the growth, stability, career opportunities, and resources of a national group while still maintaining the close-knit feel, local leadership, and local autonomy of a small private practice.  With opportunities in diverse practice settings across the country, our providers have the option of working full-time or part-time, taking on clinical leadership or corporate roles, or even becoming a travel physician to assist with new contract transitions.

Outstanding Training

By partnering with top-tier clinical research institutes, think tanks and academic institutions, we ensure our physicians are always on the cutting edge of trends in patient care and anesthesiology. Physicians benefit from our more than 2 million annual patient encounters and affiliate programs.

Leadership Development & Opportunities

Through a partnership with The Baptist Leadership Group, the two- year ApolloMD Leadership Academy develops a steady stream of qualified, knowledgeable anesthesiologists to manage the day-to-day operations within each of the departments on our growing roster.  Whether you seek a staff position, local leadership opportunities, or involvement on the corporate level, ApolloMD has diverse anesthesia jobs with exciting roles to expand your practice.

Cutting-Edge Technology

EMRs, electronic pens and a proprietary Schedule Optimization System are just a few of the ways ApolloMD ensures technology that furthers patient satisfaction and practice goals.

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