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ApolloMD’s Emergency Medicine Division has grown strategically since our inception in 2001. Our goal isn’t to be the biggest group out there, but rather, to be the most appealing for emergency physicians. We are not the group that goes after every contract. We selectively partner with hospitals in desirable areas where our physicians want to work. Our specialization is in high volume facilities, and we built our business model to cater to their unique needs.

ApolloMD’s team of over 2,500 clinical providers enjoys practicing in a top quality environment, surrounded by doctors with shared goals and values. We understand that great doctors are the lifeblood of our business.  When it comes to recruiting top emergency physicians, our philosophy is simple.  We are seeking motivated, compassionate, talented doctors.  In return, we provide physician-friendly contracts as well as:

We promote an emphasis on quality of life for emergency physicians, who enjoy flexibility with the ApolloMD model. We empower doctors by giving you control and choice over your work schedule. Our Partner Day One program enforces shift equity—whether you work two shifts each month or nineteen—putting lifestyle, potential income and career choices in your hands.

Our compensation model for emergency physicians was developed to reward our physicians for their dedication to providing efficient, top quality patient care.  Through the ApolloMD Quality Partner Incentive Program, performance parameters including core measures compliance and citizenship are tied to hourly compensation amounts, aligning the incentives of the group and fostering a collaborative culture.  Our physicians earn significantly more than the national average and enjoy the benefits of independent contractor status.

Each physician has the opportunity to become an owner of ApolloMD through the Preferred Physician Partnership Program.  With no ambiguity regarding who is eligible for partnership and a guaranteed return on investment, the program offers increased potential return on investment over time.  In addition to the financial benefits, our physicians enjoy working alongside other dedicated partners.

Enjoy all the benefits of a local contract supported by the data, metrics and training opportunities indicative of national groups.

By partnering with top-tier clinical research institutes, think tanks and academic institutions, we ensure our physicians are always on the cutting edge of trends in patient care and emergency medicine. Physicians benefit from our affiliate programs and more than 2.6 million annual patient encounters.

Whether you seek an emergency medicine physician job, medical directorship, are interested in joining our STRIKE Travel Team, or hope to become involved in corporate leadership, ApolloMD offers diverse emergency medicine career opportunities across the country.  With leadership development and training, our growing practice aims to promote from within, and we hope to find the right fit for you with the ApolloMD team.

Through a partnership with The Baptist Leadership Group, the two- year ApolloMD Leadership Academy develops a steady stream of qualified, knowledgeable medical directors to manage the day-to-day operations within each of the emergency departments on our growing roster.

EMRs, patient experience tablets, patient reservation systems, electronic pens and a proprietary Schedule Optimization Systems are just a few of the ways ApolloMD ensures technology that furthers patient satisfaction and practice goals.

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