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ApolloMD believes in creating rewarding roles for emergency Advanced Practice Clinicians, who serve as extremely valuable team members, key in promoting patient flow and in improving patient satisfaction.  We aim to create the ideal practice setting for our physician assistant and nurse practitioner candidates, offering positions in top hospitals across the country.

At ApolloMD, we pride ourselves in enabling our employees to maintain a high quality of life while earning a competitive salary. In order to recruit and retain the best and brightest  for our APC team, ApolloMD offers high-end compensation packages as well as flexible scheduling options for emergency medicine APCs, ensuring that they are able to maintain a high quality of life. We never utilize non-competes, as we believe they hinder both success of the facility and the independence and options of providers.

Each ApolloMD provider is provided with the flexibility of working at any of ApolloMD’s locations—as much or as little as they would like. Our physician assistant and nurse practitioner jobs are available for those who want to work two shifts a month, as well as those looking for overtime.  In addition, our APC role offers flexibility regarding career path as well.  Whether you are seeking purely clinical work or are interested in leadership or operations roles, ApolloMD has opportunities to expand your practice.

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