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Benefits of Working for Us
Experience the ApolloMD Difference

 Why ApolloMD?

A champion of excellence in physician services, ApolloMD is one of the most successful and fastest growing groups in the country. As a physician-owned and operated group, you can rest assured that we will always have our doctors’ best interests at heart.

ApolloMD offers a different type of partnership than traditional physician groups, and we distinguish ourselves by offering a top quality practice environment where you are able to work alongside physicians who share your values.  Committed to improving efficiency, quality, and patient satisfaction within our client facilities, we understand that our physicians are the lifeblood of our company and have created a model that rewards them with Quality of Life, Top Income, and Ownership Opportunities. Our contracts are physician friendly, and we do not believe in non-competes and restrictive clauses.  We want physicians to work with us because you want to, not out of obligation.

Each physician has the opportunity to become an owner of ApolloMD through the Preferred Physician Partnership Program.  With no ambiguity regarding who is eligible for partnership and a guaranteed return on investment, the program offers increased potential return on investment over time.  In addition to the financial benefits, our physicians enjoy working alongside other dedicated partners.

A career with ApolloMD means joining a team of over 1,000 top notch medical directors, mid-level providers, and board certified physicians to provide the highest quality care while improving efficiency and patient satisfaction.

Why ApolloMD?  Explore our rewarding clinical opportunities and learn more.

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