What Is Transitional Medicine?

Last year, we saved our hospitals over $10 million while treating over 3.9 million patients.

Transitional Medicine Physician Request for Proposal

Transitional Medicine RFP Request

ApolloMD has developed a standard Request for Proposal (RFP) for hospital services that may be of benefit if you are considering issuing an RFP. If you would be interested in receiving a copy, please complete the form below:

If you would like to invite ApolloMD to participate in a Transitional Medicine RFP that you will be issuing, please contact:

Alison Christenberry
Marketing Director
5665 New Northside Drive
Suite 200
Atlanta, Georgia 30328
Office: 404.645.7565

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Contact us today to discuss the ways in which a value-based physician services partnership with ApolloMD can optimize efficiency and improve patient satisfaction within your hospital.

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