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Comprehensive education programs to promote ongoing leadership development for our clinicians and partners

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ApolloMD CareHub Education

With a proven expertise in optimizing patient care, ApolloMD supports our clinical providers and hospital clients by providing educational resources to share the vast knowledge and experience we have attained.  We understand recruiting great clinicians alone will not ensure excellence, and we work to provide valuable training and resources to help our teams to operate effectively.

We have developed customized CareHub education programs for physicians, physician leaders, Advanced Practice Clinicians, and the nursing teams with whom we partner.  In addition to specialty-focused industry trend updates, we provide guides to enhance service excellence, document encounters appropriately, and even a Leadership Academy that prepares physician leadership candidates for Medical Director roles.

ApolloMD’s CareHub Education Tools include:

  • New Physician Orientation
  • Medical Director Academy
  • Advanced Practice Clinician Development Program
  • Annual Directors’ Conference
  • Nursing Leadership Newsletter Series
  • Nursing Leadership Development Courses

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