Why ApolloMD?

Last year, we saved our hospitals over $10 million while treating over 3.9 million patients.


ApolloMD Affiliations

At ApolloMD, we are affiliated with top groups who aid in our mission of providing access to the best possible physician services for all patients in need, including:


A division of ApolloMD, AthenaMD partners with community centered emergency departments to optimize patient satisfaction while streamlining efficiency, leading to better outcomes for both patients and facilities.


PaymentsMD offers an industry-leading service to enhance the revenue cycle management for the healthcare provider. With a focus on increasing and expediting revenue collection while reducing complexity and administration for the provider, PaymentsMD also gives patients the ability to pay their doctors’ bills online in a secure and convenient fashion.

Choice One Dental Care

Choice One is a unique doctor-owned dentistry and orthodontics practice with a focus on high quality, patient-centered oral care.

ER Express

ER Express allows patients to compare nearby hospitals and bypass a hospital’s ER waiting room through an online reservation system.  With ER Express, patients simply enter their zip code and a preferred radius and are given a list of nearby hospitals. If a hospital is affiliated with ER Express, the patient can view real time appointment times and then reserve their place in line.


ApolloMD partners with MYidealDOCTOR to offer telehealth solutions, improving access to patient care while allowing hospitals and health systems to increase market share.

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