Why ApolloMD?

Last year, we saved our hospitals over $10 million while treating over 3.9 million patients.

Leadership Academy

Medical Director Training Promotes Successful Leadership

Exceptional physician leadership is one of the most crucial components to a successful clinical department, which is why ApolloMD invests in our physicians and takes Medical Director training and education seriously. Our approach involves both formal and informal training methods.

We have established the ApolloMD Leadership Academy, whose aim is to equip our physician leaders with the knowledge of clinical and operational best practices to most effectively serve our hospitals, physicians and patients. The Academy is a collaborative effort with top-tier academic institutions that incorporates benchmarking, metrics and practical real-world expertise to improve hospital ED performance through medical director training. In addition, we work with groups such as The Baptist Leadership Group and the American College of Physician Executives to refine our internal organizational practices via the learning from peer institutions nationwide.

The medical director training program spans a period of two years. Tailored to train top-tier candidates on cutting-edge solutions to everyday problems, the ApolloMD Leadership Academy incorporates the following:

Exposure to Excellence         

  • Training at Baptist Leadership Group in Pensacola, FL in nurse-physician relationships and interaction
  • American College of Physician Executives course on influence and communication between physicians, administration and nursing

Mentoring and Project Management

  • Apprenticeship under current, experienced Medical Director
  • Participation on operational, quality and personnel projects
  • Review critical leadership skills, hospital issues, scheduling, etc.

Learning the ApolloMD Way

Candidates are schooled by ApolloMD leaders in non-clinical aspects of contract management, including:

  • Employment model
  • Dealing with problem employees
  • Hospital committee participation
  • Malpractice concerns

Extensive Readings

  • Review of current literature and topics to remain on the cutting edge of chosen specialty
  • Urgent Matters website
  • Specialty think-tanks and societies
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