Multispecialty Services for Hospitals

Multispecialty Services: Solutions for Hospitals

Through ApolloMD’s strategic, systematic, and complete approach to multispecialty services solutions for hospitals, our partners have experienced increased success in efficiency, quality, and patient satisfaction.  To promote performance improvement, ApolloMD recruits top clinicians and aligns their incentives with those of the hospitals we serve.

As a multispecialty practice, ApolloMD possesses the experience and tools needed to increase synergy between departments. This collaborative approach optimizes efficiency and clinical quality, enhancing the patient experience from home to home.

ApolloMD specializes in partnering with hospitals and health systems to provide multispecialty services including:

  • Emergency Medicine
  • Hospital Medicine
  • Anesthesia
  • Radiology
  • Intensivist Services
  • Palliative Care

We provide leadership development and support to our clinical teams, and we utilize comprehensive quality and patient safety initiatives.  Through our CareHub suite of services we offer solutions through educational programs, process improvements, and proprietary technology platforms.

ApolloMD’s multispecialty services offer three key distinctions:

Physician Ownership

As a privately held, physician-owned and operated practice with no outside stakeholders, ApolloMD is accountable and responsible solely to our hospital clients, partners, and physicians.  This structure leads to extensive cost savings and offers a competitive advantage in the quest to recruit and retain the nation’s top physicians.

Highly Effective Transition Process

Currently managing over 100 practices nationwide, ApolloMD has developed a proven, systematic approach to clinical contract transitions.  In order to facilitate the startup process, we utilize a proprietary 105-point interdepartmental checklist which is initiated as soon as a new contract is awarded.  ApolloMD’s dedicated transition team oversees each transition and will be on-site at a hospitals within 24-48 hours of a contract announcement to meet with existing clinicians.  We have developed an excellent track record for retaining key team members, with Hospital Administration input.

Physician Alignment

ApolloMD’s unique compensation model aligns the incentives of our clinicians with the hospitals and health systems we serve.  In addition to a volume-based component which promotes efficient practice, ApolloMD’s model also includes our unique QPI, or Quality Partner Incentive.  The QPI accounts for approximately 20% of physician compensation and includes:

  • Core Measure Compliance
  • Clinical and Professional Quality
  • Patient, Nursing, and Medical Staff Satisfaction
  • Citizenship and Teamwork

ApolloMD empowers our Regional Presidents and Medical Directors to track progress on these measures, actively engage hospital Peer Review, Quality, & Grievance Committees, and collaborate with medical and nursing staff to ensure these objectives are met.

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What People Are Saying About Us

  • "The doctor, and the entire staff were so nurturing and calming to her...they treated her as if she was their top priority each time they entered our treatment room. [The doctor] immediately established a relationship of trust with both of us, calming her panic (and mine too). He took his time and never rushed the procedure."
    Mother of Emergency Room Patient
    Carolinas Healthcare Center - Blue Ridge, Morganton
  • The only company that I have worked for where the administration actually listens and acts on employee concerns. They make you feel like you are part of a family and not a Revenue Generating Unit. There is a strong sense of commitment, not only towards excellence in patient care, but also for the welfare of the staff. I recommend this company highly and without reservations.
    Medical Director
    Emergency Medicine
  • "I attribute much of the success we've experienced to the professional services and patient treatment given by our local affiliate of ApolloMD. I couldn't recommend them more highly to hospitals considering making a change."
    Gerald Fulks
    WellStar West Georgia Health System