Hospital Medicine

Last year, we saved our hospitals over $10 million while treating over 3.9 million patients.

Comprehensive Hospitalist Group Services

Hospitalist Group

ApolloMD partners with hospitals to offer a complete solution to clinical outsourcing needs.  After signing an exclusive contract with the hospital, we provide the full range of hospitalist group services ranging from clinical recruitment to performance improvement and revenue cycle.  Through our unique business model, we align the incentives of our providers with those of the hospital: optimizing the admission process and ensuring continuity of care during the hospital stay and beyond.

Aligned Hospitalist Compensation Model

ApolloMD employs a unique compensation structure that aligns the incentives of our hospitalist group with the hospitals and health systems we serve.  Composed of a base rate, volume-based component, and the ApolloMD Quality Partner Incentive (QPI), ApolloMD compensation promotes efficiency, quality, and citizenship.

Our hospital medicine-specific quality parameters include:

  • Core Measures:
    VTE prophylaxis for all eligible patients
    AMI – Aspirin at Discharge
    AMI – Beta Blockers at Discharge
    STK-2: Antithrombotic Therapy for Ischemic Stroke
    SCIP-Inf-3: Prophylactic Antibiotics D/C’ed within 24 Hours
  • MIPS
  • Patient Callbacks for Predetermined Patients
  • Discharges Before 10:00/11:00 AM

Recruitment of Top Quality Hospitalists and Advanced Practice Clinicians

The lifeblood of a successful hospitalist group is a team of outstanding clinicians, and ApolloMD’s dedicated recruiters work to establish a core group of physicians at each facility that we serve. Living and working within the community, our providers become truly invested the hospitals in which they practice, developing strong working relationships with members of Administration and the medical staff.  Leveraging a unique physician ownership program, rewarding compensation, ongoing development, and top quality practice locations, ApolloMD is able to recruit and retain the best and brightest from programs across the nation.

Interdepartmental Synergy to Promote Connected Care

A successful hospitalist group does not operate in a silo.  As an experienced multispecialty physician practice, ApolloMD has developed proven solutions to enhance collaboration and communication between clinical departments.  To support our hospitalist groups and to promote connected care, our synergistic program offerings include:

  • STAT (Streamlined Throughput Admission Technology)
  • CareHub Connect
  • Collaborative Clinical Leadership Approach
  • POP (Post-acute Optimization Program)
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