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Hospitalist Management Services

Hospitalist Management Services

ApolloMD understands that every facility has unique needs, goals, and challenges associated with each of its departments.  With the ever-changing healthcare marketplace, the needs and expectations of hospitals and health systems are rapidly evolving as well.  Often, hospital-employed or independent physician practices can benefit from the extensive support and resources of a national hospitalist management group.  In addition to our comprehensive hospitalist group services, ApolloMD offers a hospitalist management program, through which we provide the operational support and performance improvement initiatives to independent or hospital-employed hospital medicine groups.

Our solutions include:

Access to Data and Customized Reporting

As the need for data-driven patient care grows and reimbursements are tied to objective clinical measures, it is imperative that hospitalist groups are able to track and report performance on high priority clinical metrics.  ApolloMD takes a collaborative data-driven approach to patient care. Our team of in-house data analysts develops customized reports for each hospital client and individual dashboards for each clinical provider.  By monitoring data down to the time of day and individual clinician, we are able to pinpoint areas for improvement within each clinical department.

When partnering with a hospital-employed or independent practice to provide hospitalist management services, we work closely with the team to identify key performance metrics related to throughput, clinical quality, and patient engagement.  Our experienced analytics team then develops systems for capturing and reporting data.

Outstanding Compliance Record

Throughout decades of providing clinical outsourcing and management services, ApolloMD has built an outstanding compliance record with no Medicare or Medicaid fraud.  We utilize electronic charge capture and third party coding in our hospitalist management contracts, enhancing compliance and risk mitigation.  All employees complete compliance / HIPAA training upon joining the team, and our experts are constantly updating training modules and processes to meet regulatory changes.  Our dedication to compliance allows our physician partners to focus on patient care.

ApolloMD CareHub Suite of Services

ApolloMD’s proprietary CareHub suite of services includes educational tools, process improvements, and technologies that optimize patient care from home to home.  When providing hospitalist management services, ApolloMD offers access to the CareHub tools in order to support local practices.

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