Anthony Mascitti

Chief Information Officer

Anthony Mascitti joined ApolloMD as Chief Information Officer in 2017, leveraging a robust skill set and experience in various core competencies cultivated during his tenure as VP, Business Systems at Cumulus Media. In his capacity as CIO, Mr. Mascitti seamlessly bridges technological processes and practices with the evolution of changing business operations. With a robust background spanning over three decades, Mr. Mascitti has spearheaded the implementation and delivery of contemporary technology solutions across diverse corporate domains.

Mr. Mascitti’s expertise encompasses not only contemporary technologies but also their seamless integration into relevant business applications, all aimed at creating substantial value. Throughout his career, he has been dedicated to the strategic fusion of emerging technologies with existing business opportunities, fostering efficiency and value for both internal and external stakeholders. This strategic approach has consistently focused on opportunities that not only generate higher revenues but also drive significant cost reductions through adept utilization of technology and personnel resources.