Radiology Scheduling

ApolloMD’s Radiology Division model focuses on providing rapid report turnaround while improving satisfaction for both patients and radiology staff. Our model incorporates:

Recruitment of Top-Quality Providers

With approach to radiology staffing—quality of life and top income—ApolloMD proudly maintains a physician retention rate of 98%.

Incentives to Improve Patient Satisfaction

By incentivizing the physician, ApolloMD effectively reduces turnaround times and patient wait times—two key determinants to patient satisfaction. Higher patient satisfaction rates increase a patients’ willingness to return to a hospital, enhance the reputation of the hospital and are associated with increased medical compliance, better patient outcomes and a decreased likelihood of malpractice litigation.

Objective Measures of Quality

As a leader in benchmarking and quality initiatives, we have structured benchmarks and use evidence-based medicine guidelines to monitor and measure the performance of our providers.

Performance-Based Compensation

Unlike the traditional radiology staffing model, ApolloMD physicians are incentivized to provide timely imaging services. Rewarded for their efforts and acumen with a performance-based compensation structure, ApolloMD radiologists cultivate a culture of performance that leads to improvements in flow throughout the hospital.


In addition to volume, quality-based compensation further incentivizes physicians to provide precise, efficient care and reports.