Radiology Recruitment, Services, and Scheduling

ApolloMD matches hospitals and healthcare centers with talented, knowledgeable, and capable radiologists. ApolloMD will match your needs with those of an expert medical professional to provide the highest level of care.

By providing hospitals with high-quality radiology staffing, we aim to improve rapid report turnaround and patient satisfaction.

Our Radiology Division model incorporates the following:

Radiology Recruitment of Top-Quality Clinicians

ApolloMD achieves our goal of recruiting top-quality clinicians by setting high standards for radiology recruitment. Each physician whom we work with is chosen for his or her exceptional clinical education and work experience. Our stringent hiring criteria is a reason why clients have trusted us for decades as their radiology staffing solutions provider.

With approach to radiology staffing—quality of life and top income—ApolloMD proudly maintains a physician retention rate of 98%.

Incentives to Improve Patient Satisfaction and Radiology Turnaround Time

ApolloMD provides physician incentives to reduce turnaround times and patient wait times. These are key determinants to patient satisfaction, and incentivizing physicians allows for a simpler intake and care process. The higher a hospital’s patient satisfaction rate, the more likely patients are to return. High rates also enhance the reputation of the hospital and are associated with increased medical compliance, better patient outcomes, and a decreased likelihood of malpractice litigation.

Objective Measures of Quality

As a leader in benchmarking and quality initiatives, we have structured benchmarks and use evidence-based medicine guidelines to monitor and measure the performance of our providers.
Among other things, ApolloMD’s systematic process helps monitor quality indicators, promotes reporting, then analyzes and manages those reports.

Performance-Based Compensation

Unlike the traditional radiology staffing model, ApolloMD physicians who work with ApolloMD are incentivized to provide timely imaging services. Rewarded for their efforts and acumen with a performance-based compensation structure, ApolloMD radiologists cultivate a culture of performance that leads to flow improvements throughout the hospital.


In addition to volume, quality-based compensation further incentivizes physicians to provide precise, efficient care and reports.

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ApolloMD is entirely owned by our physicians, advanced practice clinicians, and key business team members. We started in 1983 by partnering with a nonprofit health system, and we are proud of our history as a completely private, independent group for the last four decades. We have never accepted outside ownership.