Intensivist Services

Last year, we saved our hospitals over $10 million while treating over 3.9 million patients.

Intensivist Services
Data-Driven Critical Care Management

Intensivist Services

ApolloMD takes a data-driven approach to intensivist services, with a focus on enhancing patient outcomes in the ICU.  Our model, which promotes efficiency, quality, and patient engagement, also results in decreased length of stay, reduced cost per patient and improved patient satisfaction scores.

Performance-Based Intensivist Services

ApolloMD’s unique compensation structure works to create a culture of performance in every department that we manage.  Our intensivist services model incentivizes physicians to provide efficient, quality and compassionate care to critically ill patients.

Recruitment of Top Quality Physicians

ApolloMD seeks to provide the highest quality physicians for our intensivist services locations. Our team of dedicated recruiters works to establish a core group of critical care physicians at each facility that we serve. Living and working within the community, our providers become truly invested the hospitals in which they practice, developing strong working relationships with member of Administration and the medical staff.  Attracted by a unique physician ownership offering, top compensation and an emphasis on quality of life, ApolloMD physicians are recruited from leading training programs and hospitals throughout the country.

Enhanced Compliance and Risk Management

The ApolloMD approach promotes effective documentation, coding and collections techniques. For these reasons, ApolloMD established an in-house billing company. We utilize electronic records to maximize control and efficiency in the billing process, and continually leverage our size and legal expertise to successfully negotiate with managed care providers in order to maximize reimbursement.  We provide ongoing training and support for physicians in order to stay abreast of changes in regulations and restrictions

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