Bakersfield Heart Hospital
Specialty : Emergency Medicine
Street Address : 3001 Sillect Ave, Bakersfield, California 93308

Bakersfield Heart Hospital is a 47 bed cardiac specialty hospital dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease, bringing together the most highly skilled health professionals, the finest facilities and the newest equipment.

  • Annual Patient Volume: 12,000
  • ED Beds: 8
  • Admission Rate: 20%
  • Documentation: McKesson/Telescribes
  • Physician Daily Coverage: 24 Hours (Two 12-Hour Shifts of 6a-6p/6p-6a)
  • Certified Chest Pain Stroke Center

Bakersfield is the ninth most populous city in California and just a short drive to Los Angeles, Sequoia National Park, Santa Barbara, Pismo Beach and Yosemite National Park. With 59 city parks, more than 100 miles of bike lanes and paths and river rafting down the Kern, there are plenty of outdoor activities available to take advantage of the California sunshine. Bakersfield hosts several festivals throughout the year, including the Bakersfield Jazz Festival, and is the home to many popular museums. Bakersfield also enjoys more clear days than the majority of the United States.

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