A champion of clinical excellence, ApolloMD is one of the most successful and fastest growing multi-specialty physician, APC and practice management services groups in the country.

As a physician and advanced practice clinician led and operated group, our leadership team understands the challenges and rewards associated with practicing medicine. ApolloMD clinical partners rest assured decisions made at the corporate level are always made with the local teams’ best interests in mind. We also study the most common industry factors that lead to burnout and job dissatisfaction and implement strategies to avoid them.

Our goal is not to be the largest group out there but rather the group with a strong culture that emphasizes partnership and camaraderie. Rather than going after every available contract, we selectively partner with hospitals in desirable areas where our physicians and APCs want to work. When it comes to recruiting world-class clinical partners, the ApolloMD philosophy is simple – seek motivated, compassionate, talented physicians, PAs, NPs and CRNAs looking to join a thriving group practice.

By joining our team, all physicians and APCs enjoy:

Physician and APC Ownership

Each full-time physician and APC has the opportunity to become an owner of ApolloMD through the Preferred Partnership Program. With no ambiguity regarding who is eligible for partnership, the program offers increased potential return on investment over time. In addition to the financial benefits, our clinical partners enjoy working alongside other dedicated partners who have a true stake in the organization’s success.

Diverse Practice Opportunities

ApolloMD partners with more than 100 leading hospitals, teaching facilities and health systems nationwide offering ideal practice opportunities from coast-to-coast. Physicians and APCs enjoy the option to work at one or multiple partner facilities on a full-time, part-time or as needed basis with the opportunity to join our group as a team member, Lead APC, medical director or to serve on the corporate leadership team – putting lifestyle, potential income and career choices in your hands.

Physicians have an additional opportunity to expand their skills in new practice settings while representing ApolloMD during new partner transitions as part of the Strike Travel Team. As a traveling physician, flexible scheduling allows you to live where you choose while experiencing diverse practice settings nationwide.

Nationwide Network of Support

As value-based healthcare changes the scope of patient care delivery, many independent local practices struggle to compete. Experts in delivering high-quality patient care, our team provides the experience and technological infrastructure needed to meet today’s healthcare marketplace demands.

One major benefit of practicing with a national group is the level of operational support local practices receive. With access to clinical experts, best practice guides, the ApolloMD Quality Corner, regular developmental conferences and dedicated support staff, the ApolloMD team provides the business backing local practices need to focus on their patients and operate successfully. The ApolloMD clinical operations support team serves as internal consultants to provide hand-on training devoted to clinical excellence and improving patient satisfaction and experience. Clinical support programs are targeted and implemented based on the need of the facility, department or individual.

ApolloMD’s corporate team also includes dedicated data analysts who develop advanced clinical metrics reports to gather, monitor and regularly report to our clinical teams with performance feedback and personalized opportunities for improvement. Our operations team shares findings with local medical directors and provides benchmarking data to compare results with other practice locations.

Executive Leadership Who Work Monthly Clinical Shifts

A key attribute that sets ApolloMD apart is all physicians and APCs on the Executive Leadership team continue to work clinical shifts each month. From Regional Directors to the CEO, all clinical leaders practice side-by-side local ApolloMD physicians and APCs in partner facilities across the country. Whether in the board room or the ER, our executive team is well-versed on the dynamics of quality patient care and work to build cohesive business efficiencies to support that goal.