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Last year, we saved our hospitals over $10 million while treating over 3.9 million patients.

For ASCs

Anesthesia Services for ASCs

ApolloMD partners with ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) to optimize patient care and surgeon satisfaction while providing anesthesia at a lower cost to the facility. We take a unique approach to professional anesthesia services by aligning the goals of the anesthesia team with those of the surgeons and facility as a whole.

The ApolloMD difference incorporates:

Understanding of ASC Dynamics

All too often, a group of hospital-based anesthesia providers venture into the field of outpatient anesthesia and find themselves unable to succeed. Familiar and comfortable with the workings of a hospital OR, they find themselves lost in the outpatient setting without a large team to fall back on. ApolloMD has a team of physicians and anesthetists dedicated to providing professional anesthesia services within surgery centers. With an understanding of the unique dynamics, our physicians are equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to provide top quality anesthesia within an ASC.

Personalized Service

ApolloMD believes that collaboration with a facility’s administration and OR staff is the key to any successful anesthesia group, and thus we take a personalized approach at every facility that we work with. As different facilities have distinct needs, our first step is to work with that facility to learn its culture and personality so that we can formulate a model unique to the environment. By doing so, we can then recruit successfully, ensuring that any new recruits will fit into the environment and personality of the facility.

Culture of Performance

ApolloMD physicians are compensated based on the patients they treat and the procedures they perform. In addition to the volume based component of compensation, patient satisfaction and objective measures of quality can also be factored into the compensation structure. This model, which rewards throughput and quality, serves to minimize downtime and improve job satisfaction among physicians, while reducing timing-related conflicts between the anesthesia team and surgeons throughout the facility.

Regional Anesthesia Focus

Through the efficient application of regional anesthesia, ApolloMD physicians are able to improve flow through the OR. The quality of pain management is improved and time in PACU decreases. The ease of the procedure also serves to improve patient satisfaction scores and increases the likelihood of patients returning to the center for future surgeries.

Recruiting and Retention

ApolloMD seeks to provide only the highest quality professional anesthesia services. We work to establish a core group of physicians to live and work within the community. Attracted by top compensation and a high quality of life, ApolloMD physicians are recruited from leading training programs and hospitals throughout the country.

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