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Our individual facility volumes range from 25,000 to more than 115,000 annual visits with an average contract volume of 40,000.

ED Operational Changes Lead to Improved Metrics Case Study

Focus: Improved ED Metrics

Date: 2016 – 2017

Results: With great leadership and support from hospital administration, the ED team made tremendous improvements that exceeded beyond initial goals.

The Challenge

The ED was facing a number of operational challenges. As a result, the hospital’s metrics revealed prolonged arrival to provider times, high left without treatment (LWOT) rates and unacceptable time to admit and discharge turnaround times.

The Approach

The medical director and team members approached four key elements to get the ED back on track.

  1. Defining the Goal
  2. ED-Hospital Alignment
  3. Front-End Flow Implementation
  4. The Pivot Process

The Results

While there were other small changes in day-to-day ED operations, these four key elements resulted in colossal improvements for the ED team. In October 2017, the ED achieved a level of success far beyond what was experienced in the prior 24 months.

Across the entire health system, 77 hospitals, 20 surgical hospitals and 460 outpatient centers, the ED ranked among the top 10 in three metric categories.

Additional improvements include:

  • Time of Arrival to Time of MSE: 17 minutes from 30 minutes in 2016
  • Left without Triage: 4 patients from 138 in 2016 patients
  • Average Time to Admit Patient: 117 minutes from 334 minutes in 2016
  • Turnaround Time to Discharge Patient: 144 minutes from 211 minutes

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