American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP)

The American Association of Nurse Practitioners is the largest full-service national professional membership organization for nurse practitioners (NP), representing more than 248,000 NPs across the country in all medical specialties.

AANP, The Voice of NPs, empowers all NPs to advance quality healthcare through practice, education, advocacy, research and leadership. The organization’s five core values include integrity, excellence, professionalism, leadership and service.

AANP provides resources and continuing education experiences to improve, optimize and standardize professional performance – including exemplary CE programs and accreditation to clinical toolkits and a variety of preparation resources.

AANP is dedicated to promoting excellence in NPs credibility and professional development. This includes creating on-going clinical guidelines which help develop and measure the quality of the outcomes of NPs care with ongoing analysis and improvement guided by their previous performance.


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