ApolloMD Quality Group

We are dedicated to improving the quality of patient care across the country by reporting and sharing performance and quality data. We believe direct physician and APC feedback on performance and quality indicators improves patient care. ApolloMD Quality Group has been approved to become a Qualified Registry by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). The measures tracked in our registry are listed below.

Hospital Medicine:

  • #5: Ace inhibitor or ARB therapy for left ventricular systolic dysfunction
  • #8: Beta-blocker therapy for left ventricular systolic dysfunction
  • #47: Documentation of care plan
  • #130: Documentation of current medications

Emergency Medicine:

  • #65: Appropriate treatment with Upper Respiratory Infections
  • #93: Acute Otitis Externa: systemic antimicrobial therapy avoided
  • #116: Avoidance of antibiotic treatment with acute bronchitis
  • #254: US determination of pregnancy location for pregnant patients with abdominal pain or vaginal bleeding
  • #331: Antibiotic Avoidance of Acute Viral Sinusitis
  • #332: Appropriate Choice of Antibiotic (Amoxicillin) for Acute Bacterial Sinusitis
  • #415: Head CT utilization for minor head injury in adults
  • #416: Head CT utilization for minor head injury in pediatrics


  • MIPS #404:  Anesthesiology Smoking Abstinence
  • MIPS #424:  Perioperative Temperature Management
  • MIPS #430:  Prevention of Post-Operative Nausea and Vomiting (PONV) – Combination Therapy
  • MIPS #463:  Prevention of Post-Operative Vomiting (POV) – Combination Therapy (Pediatrics)
  • MIPS #477:  Multimodal Pain Management