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Hired by a hospital or health system, an employed physician works directly as a staff employee of that institution. A physician practicing as an independent contractor maintains autonomy over finances, benefits, and specific service contract details.

As independent contractors, physicians gain control over most aspects of the business-side of practicing medicine – from scheduling and salary, to insurance costs and continuing medical education, to taxes and retirement planning. A consultation with an accountant or financial planner may help clarify whether the independent contractor path seems best for individual physicians.

Our experienced recruiters maximize all resources to identify outstanding candidates for every position, networking through our extensive connections to match talented professionals with facilities or groups that fit their strengths and skills. This team facilitates the interviewing process for those candidates, provides community information for their transitions, and guides them through contract-signing and credentialing.

Each hospital establishes standards of verification for its medical professionals, ensuring that all meet prerequisites for practicing at their facilities. The credentialing process verifies those requirements for education, training, experience, and licensure. Privileging a medical professional means giving them permission to practice medicine in a clinical capacity at the hospital. A physician must have privileges at a hospital to treat patients.

Our organization is privately held, clinician-operated, and led by a management team of practicing physicians and APCs who recognize the challenges of the evolving medical industry and who collaborate with all partners to enhance the growth of the group. We remain independently owned with no constraints by the interests of outside stockholders or venture capital firms.

We pride ourselves on the development of our unique APC Advancement Program supporting the professional growth of our clinicians, providing continuous training opportunities, and presenting clear paths to leadership positions.

Every full-time ApolloMD clinician becomes eligible for partnership, giving all a stake in the company with an opportunity to have ownership.